Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Suddenly i want to blogging..

ok lets talks about STM (eheehe..actually STM is our own abbreviation of Short Term memory..).We all kat sini suke nak mengejek who ever of us yg slalu mengalami masalah short term memory or ingatan jangka pendek..

Kalau among us..Kyah lah yg mendapat anugerah strong memory..dia nih leh jadi wikipedia bergerak..xpon Google map..tanya je lah which country or places around the world..she'll not dissapointing u..

Actually the articles bout 'Why forgetting can be good for you' had attract me to read more...This articles said...forgetting has its benefits..OK lets figure out..ape yg 'good' of forgetting nih..

The reasons why peoples always forget the simple things or recurring events is the brain appears to be programmed to forget those that aren't important...this is what scientist said..and i think so..(so kene lah assume or setting each single day are important for us..??hekk..hahhaha..Naj utang roti pratha tuh, i lupe la..whether i had paid or not..retrieve my memory back..ehehhehe)

Memories of singular, significant events are generally easy to recall; people typically store them in long-term memory with many associations attached.

This articles also said that memory consists of billions of puzzle pieces, and many of them look the same..then, each time you retrieve a memory, you're reconstructing a puzzle very quickly and breaking it down again. Some of the pieces get put back in different places..(no wonder kadang2 selalu jek missunderstood or missconcept..hahhaa.i put the puzzles at the wrong places..)

So, the solution to keep remember each of the passing days : Write a Journal!

For me, kalau nak keep the memories ( i mean, the big events or somethng important) are by uploading the pictures and labelling them..write some caption..and i'll make some short notes or thoughts in my diary (sebab tuh kalau balik je bilik, trus transfer pixies and uplot kat Facebook/Friendster..ekekekkekee...)

So, what is the good of forgetting ?I think this quote have the answer..

"If you used to go out with Bob and now you're married to Bill, you want to be able to say, 'I love you, Bill.' That's why forgetting is important."

"Setiap apa yg Allah jadikan..ada fungsinya..manusia selalu merungut..tentang ketidak efisienan (betul ke ayat ni) otak mereka utk mengingat kembali/flash back memori..tetapi sebenarnya 'lupa' ini juga membantu kita untuk melalui hari2 yg mendatang dengan lebih tabah, bersemangat dan bahagia...."

ok,Have a nice day

continue working for my thesis..:)

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