Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Its a natural inclination for being idle after u work hard for any tasks or job.
Just finish exam yesterday,then today got an appointment with geotechnic's lecturer.
Diplom Ing. Lars Vavrina (Lecturer ensem,but then mude2 da beruban..ekekkeke..noty ^^p )

I plan to snap some pictures at city after the class,but then...huuu...raining..
actually i just love the scene when got a musician playing their instrument at the street...
waalllaaahhh...they perform much2 better than recording artist..haha..uuppss..

takpe lah..mayb the next someday..heee (a big hope, a few days the weather just hot..instead of today,raining at evening...i forget to check the forecast..haiiizz)

So sempat snap some pictures at UNI.
dah nak abis study laahhh...haiiizz...

from left : Tan Joo Ee, kyah , me, muny comot, pei tze..uupppss..1 more: naja..
u will be tagged on following pic..ngeh2

haha.padan muke..all of them not redy..
naja a.k.a najwa: at the middle..(tudung sememeh tuh...)

haha...i just drop my self on the ground.self timer setting,
xsempat nak bajet2 duk kat belah mn..ekekeke

muny, u can lean on me if u r not strong to go alone..ekekee..
gler gay...

Im sure, this moments will be missed..studying+enjoying with friends....UDE's friends.muny, naja, kyah n pei tze..thanks a loads for being my f.r.i.e.n.d.s...and i think, buddies is more appropriate..we share everything.

gado2 n kecik2 ati nih dah biase ngan diaorng..hahha...such of this makes me though and mature in through up the L.I.F.E...appreciate with existed and the most important is live life to the fullest..

"When the dog bites, when the bee stings..this is not a completely shit..life is full of highs and lows"

Suddenly..jump into diet topic lak...
hahhaha...gler rojak..

i nak diet lah!
but when???

tomoro Israk n Mikraj
thanks to 'belalang'...i almost forget!
haiiizz...seb bek.
time ade ksempatan nih la nak pose.
huuu..if not, then bler lagi
plus,fasting is good for your health and digestion rite?? (with smugging face..ekekke)

haaa..i got some text bout crash diet...

i know a crash diet. but remember, crash diet is not a healthy way.
it is a seven day diet.
The healthier effective diet is eating low fat, low curbs.

so, dare to implement?
self determination is required.
i wanna lose weight

day 1: eat only fruits, do not try to have any banana or coconut water. have fruits when you feel hungry throughout the day. drink a lot of water.

day 2: eat only vegetables. cook them with a very little oil. do not try cheese, butter.drink a lot of water.

day 3: eat fruits and vegetables. drink a lot of water.

day 4: today's menu - 8 bananas and 3 glasses of low fat milk. eat only this and not more than this. drink a lot of water.

day 5: have vegetable soup, fruits, tomatoes.

day 6: try a piece of chicken cooked with lots of vegetables in your lunch. have vegetable soup throughout the day.

day 7: try a piece of chicken cooked with lots of vegetables with a cup of plain rice in your lunch. and go for vegetable soup and fruits throughout the day.

fruity week????.......huffff

on the 8th day you will find that you have lost 5-6 lbs. after this 7days diet, go to your normal eating routine. you can try this diet once a month.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

things To do afta exam....

5 more papers to go padehal..
da sesibok nak planning

planning in advanced..biase ah..

1) Seeking for House!..arrgghh..hopefully jumpe yg fully furnished..sonang..contract ngan hostel da tammat...so,saje gatal nak duk umah.ngeee...

2) Makan KFC kaT venlo,Holland...ngeh2.biase ah.papehal..fuel for Life.hee..huhu.we are craving for Uncle Colonel nye ayam goreng stelah kian lame..haiizz..cant wait

3) Then 3rd mission nak ke Frankfurt!..hurrahh.actually i n Naja (suke2 nak rename Najwa turn to Naja..layaann) je yg ade purpose nak ke sana..hehe.wanna shop some of Harley Davidson stuff..haha.abah sabar heh..nnt anakanda bwk balik some cool harley stuff from jemen.ngeh2...

4) Thesis2..haiiizz..Search for tajuk and gettng started.

5) lalalallalala...kerja...pfenin kepala memikirkn x ada kerja...nak carik part time job ah...in order to collect money for Euro Trip and go back to Mesia for my sis wedding(a big hope..i da start berangan neh nak balik Mesia...ooohhh..bestnye~~)

6) and last but not least..ngeh2..nak abiskan bace Novel!!..haiiizz..addicted ah lak..nih pengaroh rakan sebaya ah nih..ngeh2...alamak!..kanToi ah babe..lupe nak cter kat korang...aku bli novel nih kat amazon.hahahha..murah mehh..novel nih lame pong.thats why ade diskon kott..

-Can You Keep A Secret? bBy Sophie Kinsella
-Dream a Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
-Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

sekian proposal saya..ngeh2...chao

-marni yuna <-- terpengaruh ngan Yunalis jap...haiizz..her song pretty damn cool..i bet u..clink on the links at the right side..catchy~

im crazy abOut photography!!!!

It's such a long time i didnt posting any news or story..haha..BZ and kinda 'malas'..bile dpt smangat balik..mula la writing.ngeh2..

This time i nak cter pasl one of my new hOBby...tadaaaa...i can called it 'candidsyndrome'..ceh cam nah dgr je term nih..hahhaha

i love photography~..lalalaallala.haaiizz..layan..terima kasih yg advanced kpd JPA kerana menaja kamera.ngeh2.

and not forgotten..the specialized crews in mission to bring my camera fly to Deutschland.haha..LOL.pnjg tul kisah camera nih..
Thanks in advanced to LUKU a.k.a Bobo=Luqman Hakim Khazalle=Uncle(take care of my tripod. any claim,later.tunggu aku balik mesia..ekekkeke) and Ecah!
sayang ah korang..nnt banje eskim heh..

haha..plan at hook, dont have any marker to jot down some 'welcoming quote'.
.no choice,gune highlighter..layaann..saje nak bg surprise kat ecah..

Saat ketibaan ecah di Duesseldorf Flughafen...
ecah nak balik dah this August.bler nak lepak2 Essen???

LOL.i used JPA's scholar to grab this camera..hikhikhik...

Currently, i tgh memantapkan skil potograpi..ngeh2...bler dpt snap pic best.rase cam one of satisfaction lak..haiizz..layan..and for me, this is one of the way i share the expression and feeling.Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah.SubhanAllah!

Do enjoy some of my archives.Challowww....

p/s : actually just finish my 1st paper today..KuL or Kosten und Leistung Rechnung..hehe..a.k.a Cost and Performance Calculation..haiizz...dtg docland amik cost bisness lak..layan ..da requirement.nak wat cane labu..

So, sesaje..nak release..ngeh2..pfenin2..

Pink 'Waksegan'

Sunset at Rhein Ruhr River-Japanische Tag

UKM-UDE Dinner at Hanedan Restaurant Duisburg.The Professors and VC came visit us..hehhee..sronok..borak2 and taking pictures..rupe2 nye spoting2 prof2 nih..