Saturday, November 22, 2008

hari yg paling bahagia di obersi..

Hopefully esok pagi...bile bgn tdo je ade schnee (snow) trun..ngeh2..
ohhhh bahagia nye hidup di obersi adalah pabila dpt tgk snow gler dan berbunga2 hati ni..(cam sedang berchenta pon ade) <-- ecah sesungguhnya anda jeles kan ngan statemnt ini..huahahhahaha..marila ecah pulang ke Duisburg nihh..ngeh2 last nite merupakan hari yg cacat berbaur bahagia ye..apabila i telah memakai jacket yg salah ketika melngkah keluar dr umah.huhu.....mase nak grab jacket tuh sempat jeling kat laptop..tgk forecast br 7 celcius...cehh gler gagah...sambil bkata2 dlm hati..ala tghari nnt pfanas laa..biase la pepagi niihh...lallalallala...sambil tgn ku mengambil jacket leather yg x seberapa leather <--paham2 la..jacket kulit yg tidak seperti durability for protect from cold tuh xla hebat sgt..but OK laa...(walhal, in the same time pki jacket tuh sbb nak match kan ngan baju yg kat dlm tuh...haiihh..nak bergaya pny psl soojukkk jd nye...gegegegee..tahan je laaa mase kuar tuh..)

Tghari tuh windy gler, then ptg tuh otw to Kak Nadia house (sbb we all dikerah tenaga utk mnjadi AJK masakan utk majlis Yasin n birthday party anak dia..ehehhee) hjan la plaakk...huhu... then smpi je umah kak nadia, sebuk they all cter snow da trun td kat Essen (my place).. alamak gler pfeloh2 dlm hati..jecket da la sekeping dlm pfeloh2 seronok gak gler snow da trun..and unexpected lak tuh..Kalau last yr lambt gler.After christmas br trun, dlm Januari..n this yr cpat lak Nov da trun da snow...lallalaalaa...suke2..sbb leh la merase snow b4 fly to mesia in Dec nnt..ekekkekeke huhu..

nih je Pic yg sempat snap...mase OTW to flomarkt (Saturday market)...ala ciput je pon snow.xla byk mn...bole la wat snowball baling2 ngan Najwa..(gler 'gay' kami berdua- senanye, we all curik tulang tp da dpt permission from Kak ndia..nak ke flomarkt cr brg...ehehhehe)

mase nih najwa jakun ngan camera handphone aku...
huahahhaha...sengal najwa..hebat x handset aku?..hahha..kerek jap ngan ko..

cam ABC pon ade...

gler comot..ngan plastic bag skali ami gamba...
haaiiihh.......gemok nye my hand..(nih sbb kembang nii..sejuk2..hahaha)
btw, i borrow Kyah jacket..jacket i kan loser mase nih..huhu ..thanks Kyah

balik from flomakrt byk btul hasil tangkapan...hik2...i bought many kind of choclates (yelah nak balik mesia..kene beli souvenir for friends and relatives...huhu)..sempat gak sebey watch for men..not for my BF (Bukan ade BF pon),tp bakal abg ipar..sibuk nak suh my sis bli adiah antaran from sempat la snap pic..

nih la watch tuh..ESPRIT Brand..Price :99.90euro..after discount :49,95euro..
so around RM250 Laaa..
ok La nih kan..
budget pon skit saje..ngeh3

OK lahh mengantuk gel!
mate pfenat~~
good night..(smoga esok bgn2 je nampk snow trun kat tngkap..ngeh2..oohh bahagia gler)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

You've been tagged!!

It called ‘Pure pic’ :

1) of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now.
2) Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.
3) Post that picture with NO editing.
4) Post these instruction with your picture.
5) Tag 10 people to do this


so here it is..

my picture..lalallalalla~


seems like unfair la plak kan

br pas solat..

then saje bace2 blog

sighh~..terbaca lak blog ecah

nak xnak terpakse wat...luckily im still wear 'telekong'..xkan x alih2 nak amik free hair pic lak :p

Ok here is the truly pure pic of me..of course with no editing and with so many of scars and wat so evr..hahhahaha... blog's fren xckup pon, whoever read this forcing u to do it! (najwa i know u r currently dying inside the room becos of ur after dpt new volume nnt wat la post psl nih..)..hahahha..k ciao..wassalam..

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Suddenly i want to blogging..

ok lets talks about STM (eheehe..actually STM is our own abbreviation of Short Term memory..).We all kat sini suke nak mengejek who ever of us yg slalu mengalami masalah short term memory or ingatan jangka pendek..

Kalau among us..Kyah lah yg mendapat anugerah strong memory..dia nih leh jadi wikipedia bergerak..xpon Google map..tanya je lah which country or places around the world..she'll not dissapointing u..

Actually the articles bout 'Why forgetting can be good for you' had attract me to read more...This articles said...forgetting has its benefits..OK lets figure out..ape yg 'good' of forgetting nih..

The reasons why peoples always forget the simple things or recurring events is the brain appears to be programmed to forget those that aren't important...this is what scientist said..and i think so..(so kene lah assume or setting each single day are important for us..??hekk..hahhaha..Naj utang roti pratha tuh, i lupe la..whether i had paid or not..retrieve my memory back..ehehhehe)

Memories of singular, significant events are generally easy to recall; people typically store them in long-term memory with many associations attached.

This articles also said that memory consists of billions of puzzle pieces, and many of them look the same..then, each time you retrieve a memory, you're reconstructing a puzzle very quickly and breaking it down again. Some of the pieces get put back in different places..(no wonder kadang2 selalu jek missunderstood or missconcept..hahhaa.i put the puzzles at the wrong places..)

So, the solution to keep remember each of the passing days : Write a Journal!

For me, kalau nak keep the memories ( i mean, the big events or somethng important) are by uploading the pictures and labelling them..write some caption..and i'll make some short notes or thoughts in my diary (sebab tuh kalau balik je bilik, trus transfer pixies and uplot kat Facebook/Friendster..ekekekkekee...)

So, what is the good of forgetting ?I think this quote have the answer..

"If you used to go out with Bob and now you're married to Bill, you want to be able to say, 'I love you, Bill.' That's why forgetting is important."

"Setiap apa yg Allah jadikan..ada fungsinya..manusia selalu merungut..tentang ketidak efisienan (betul ke ayat ni) otak mereka utk mengingat kembali/flash back memori..tetapi sebenarnya 'lupa' ini juga membantu kita untuk melalui hari2 yg mendatang dengan lebih tabah, bersemangat dan bahagia...."

ok,Have a nice day

continue working for my thesis..:)

Friday, November 7, 2008


aku masih lancar menaip dan membaca articles2 geotechnic
aku pandang jam di Laptop, 4.25am
(actually its not really long stay, since i just woke at 2am after sleep for 6 hrs..ehehhehe)

berkaitan dengan thesis aku
'Uncertainty in bearing capacity calculation of shallow foundation'

the tittle seems like not really complicated though..
(it was complicated!!!....even i started it approximately 3weeks ago, sometimes i really confuse with the things im doing now...gossshhh..)

I start thinking of the PhD students or any accredited writers...
how did they composed books??
to deeply understand the concept or theory
to composed a good sentences for a better understandng
reading..again..and again...
make a conclusion..
(im dying over here..huhuhu..)

submit the draft
then oohh got correction..
please submit this before next week..
then please frequently set a meeting with supervisor for the progress

Start from nex week,
my supervisor, Prof Lesny asked me to stay in the student room
from 9am till 4pm..
so that it become ease for me to refer or ask any question
regarding to thesis...
( totally agree and happy with this, otherwise 'disturbance' will always chasing me.. and end up with : ultimate limit stress..sbb draft x siap lagi...)

OK2 stop nagging to myself
just get focus on your aim now..

Good luck and all the best for me
and fellow friends~

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What is self?

Who are you?

What are you about?

What are your core values and beliefs?

What do you love to think about?

Self is who you are inside.

You have to understand this self.

If you don't understand your Self, how can you have faith in

How will you have direction in your life?

If you don't fully understand yourself, there are
hundreds...maybe thousands...of messages hammering you each
day from the people in your life. These messages
will define you instead unless you understand yourself.

You want to reach your destination rather than be tossed
about like a ship without a sail.

Start taking time to get to know yourself.

Learn to enjoy your life...

And...dare I say it...fall in love with yourself.

Then you will have the confidence that will carry you

So get to know your Self.

Abah kate : jadilah anak yg sayang akan dirinya..
Baik bah...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eid in Deutschland

Hye buddy
how r u doin?Hopes everybody doin well.
Kinda lazy to updating my blog.
tah la...lit BZ with my thesis..
too many articles to be read and some kind of 'confrontation with my theory'

Beraya di Germany..( nak post..Eid just ended 4 days ago)
Of cos the feeling will be not same as Malaysia..
Just a few family or houses to be visited (sikt pon, we all couldnt manage to visit all friends because the time frame..hehe..memasing BZ)
B4 gerak to the destination, sempat we all baked some Banana Cake as juadah..ehhehe
tuh yg Kak Ja asked for the recipe.. (hahha..Kak ja, i think u pointed at the wrong person..actually, recipe tuh founded by Najwa.'lembu pny susu, sapi dpt name'...)
Neway, really enjoy and thankful in celebrating Syawal, even far away from family and relatives..

waiting for bus, sempat nak snap

Naj, Kyah n Joo ee

haa...She is Schamimi (name ala2 Deutscher because she born here,at Duisburg)
comel kann??

Gigi baru 4 btg
da pandai dancing

Schamimi, look at camera~

at Kak Erin and Yop's house : mee goreng basah and nasi tomato ye..

2nd house
At Kak ja and En.Zamri's house : xsempat nak snap some pic..sume sibuk tgk cter Spiderman..
ehehhehe... menu : bole plak coincidence ngan Kak erin, mee lain version la..ihiihihi