Friday, November 7, 2008


aku masih lancar menaip dan membaca articles2 geotechnic
aku pandang jam di Laptop, 4.25am
(actually its not really long stay, since i just woke at 2am after sleep for 6 hrs..ehehhehe)

berkaitan dengan thesis aku
'Uncertainty in bearing capacity calculation of shallow foundation'

the tittle seems like not really complicated though..
(it was complicated!!!....even i started it approximately 3weeks ago, sometimes i really confuse with the things im doing now...gossshhh..)

I start thinking of the PhD students or any accredited writers...
how did they composed books??
to deeply understand the concept or theory
to composed a good sentences for a better understandng
reading..again..and again...
make a conclusion..
(im dying over here..huhuhu..)

submit the draft
then oohh got correction..
please submit this before next week..
then please frequently set a meeting with supervisor for the progress

Start from nex week,
my supervisor, Prof Lesny asked me to stay in the student room
from 9am till 4pm..
so that it become ease for me to refer or ask any question
regarding to thesis...
( totally agree and happy with this, otherwise 'disturbance' will always chasing me.. and end up with : ultimate limit stress..sbb draft x siap lagi...)

OK2 stop nagging to myself
just get focus on your aim now..

Good luck and all the best for me
and fellow friends~

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