Sunday, November 2, 2008

Eid in Deutschland

Hye buddy
how r u doin?Hopes everybody doin well.
Kinda lazy to updating my blog.
tah la...lit BZ with my thesis..
too many articles to be read and some kind of 'confrontation with my theory'

Beraya di Germany..( nak post..Eid just ended 4 days ago)
Of cos the feeling will be not same as Malaysia..
Just a few family or houses to be visited (sikt pon, we all couldnt manage to visit all friends because the time frame..hehe..memasing BZ)
B4 gerak to the destination, sempat we all baked some Banana Cake as juadah..ehhehe
tuh yg Kak Ja asked for the recipe.. (hahha..Kak ja, i think u pointed at the wrong person..actually, recipe tuh founded by Najwa.'lembu pny susu, sapi dpt name'...)
Neway, really enjoy and thankful in celebrating Syawal, even far away from family and relatives..

waiting for bus, sempat nak snap

Naj, Kyah n Joo ee

haa...She is Schamimi (name ala2 Deutscher because she born here,at Duisburg)
comel kann??

Gigi baru 4 btg
da pandai dancing

Schamimi, look at camera~

at Kak Erin and Yop's house : mee goreng basah and nasi tomato ye..

2nd house
At Kak ja and En.Zamri's house : xsempat nak snap some pic..sume sibuk tgk cter Spiderman..
ehehhehe... menu : bole plak coincidence ngan Kak erin, mee lain version la..ihiihihi

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Shahurin Hilma Abdul Rashid said...

o..lupe sesangat..
pls invite pei tze as well ok
(betol ke eja nama dia..apadaaa...)