Tuesday, December 2, 2008

hoping and believing

*the previous conversation cannot be revealed for the beneficial of another party

Actually this conversation is between me and my fren (my schatzi..Haha). She's really stuck in make a really big decision...about life, which way should she choose..whtehr it is bad or not..we never knew it..read this first :

jOan of arc: 3 good news.. normally come with 3 bad news
jOan of arc: damn ~
jOan of arc: (giler kepercayaan org mne tah ~)

marny masuan: ko nye pattern of life cam tuh ek
marny masuan: hahahahaa

jOan of arc: tak dek la
jOan of arc: i cudn;t remember pong

marny masuan: gler ade pattern sndri

jOan of arc: tapi betul ke?

marny masuan: hahhaha
marny masuan: i dont know~

jOan of arc: eh xtau la.. cmtu ke idup ak
jOan of arc: ahahah dunno la

marny masuan: ala kebetulan mayb.
marny masuan: tah hape2 nak caye..
marny masuan: tp sometm ,,
marny masuan: btul gak..
marny masuan: pattern ko cam tu

jOan of arc: hek?

marny masuan: aku plak lain..
marny masuan: huahahhaha

jOan of arc: ak dah lame xdpt gud news la

marny masuan: suke2 nak analyse...

jOan of arc: seyes.. sbb tuh idup ak dull
jOan of arc: down smpi nk give up

marny masuan: and finally...
marny masuan: at the end of the road..
marny masuan: ade somtng u will get

jOan of arc: yela..
jOan of arc: kan kat end of tunnel ade light ~

marny masuan: huaahha
marny masuan: smart tunnel

jOan of arc: siot..

marny masuan: btul kan ape ayat tuh..
marny masuan: never stop believing ..
marny masuan: and HOPING

jOan of arc: yo.. mcm kat blog ak je ayat tuh agagagaga

marny masuan: (that is what i mean...)

jOan of arc: betul2..

marny masuan: tampa kang

jOan of arc: yeke.. eheheh ko de bce blog ak ke

marny masuan: rimas~
marny masuan: dusshh

jOan of arc: ahahah so ko patut tau la .. itu betul la tuh..

marny masuan: ye i knew it

jOan of arc: that's the true story.. aiii

marny masuan: alhamdulillah...
marny masuan: cume skang strugglng for that praktika la..

jOan of arc: yela.. tringt ayat email ko tuh..
jOan of arc: u see... that's y i'm holding on it ~
jOan of arc: bcoz.. sumthing better for u is coming ~
jOan of arc: just hold on..

marny masuan: AND WE NEVER KNOW IT
marny masuan: HUHU

jOan of arc: yeah.. just keep believe in
jOan of arc: have faith

marny masuan: hahhaa
marny masuan: thanks~
marny masuan: sahdu~
marny masuan: huahhahah

jOan of arc: +ve mind set.. agagaagagga

marny masuan: +ve2
marny masuan: im agree with that

jOan of arc: hope it works with u too
jOan of arc: no matter what happen..

marny masuan: humm..
marny masuan: (terbenhenti sejenak..)
marny masuan: hahha
marny masuan: thanks for sharing..
marny masuan: Allah know what is the best

jOan of arc: a'ah.. yela
jOan of arc: u know somtimes dah tak tahu nak wat ape
jOan of arc: blocked..
jOan of arc: mcm ak tadi kot ~
jOan of arc: just today
jOan of arc: mcm dah tak tahu nk wat ape
jOan of arc: just leave it to ALLAH
jOan of arc: kite ni nk tabah cne pong.. klu allah xbg mmg xbg jugak
jOan of arc: so y not just leave it to HIM

marny masuan: u totally rite najwa..
marny masuan: i can feel it..
marny masuan: camne Allah uji kite..
marny masuan: kita hanya merancg..
marny masuan: Dia menetukan
marny masuan: even x dpt ape yg kite wish
marny masuan: at the end Dia bg jgak
marny masuan: ape yg terbaik..

and finally she get what she want...
which road to be taken
what decision to fixed on
what step to do next

This is the pattern or the cycle of life (its suit also..)
Kita hanya merancang..
Allah yg menentukan

Kadang2 kite slalu bertanya..
Why my life is soo...bla..bla..(whatever it could be..)
How if...(kite mule membayangkan hidup yg lebih baik and bahagia..)
if i have..

Actually Allah knows what is the best for us..
He never dissapointed u

The important is never stop BELIEVING and HOPING
incorporate with positive mind (always do..)
enough effort and never give up...
(Allah sentiasa bersama dgn orang2 yg berusaha)

at the end of tunnel, there will always a light for u..

"Bila ALLAH cepat makbulkan doamu, Maka DIA menyayangimu
Bila DIA lambat makbulkan doamu,Maka DIA ingin mengujimu
Bila DIA tidak makbulkan doamu,Maka DIA merancang sesuatu yg baik untukmu
Maka sentiasalah bersangka baik pada ALLAH, dalam apa jua keadaan sekali pun
Keran sesungguh-NYA, kasih sayang ALLAH itu mendahului kemurkaan-NYA"

Monday, December 1, 2008


"Love comes when manipulation stops;
when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully.
When you dare to be vulnerable.

Joyce Brothers

"Love comes when manipulation stops;
when you think more about the other person than about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully.
When you dare to be vulnerable.

Joyce Brothers