Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What is self?

Who are you?

What are you about?

What are your core values and beliefs?

What do you love to think about?

Self is who you are inside.

You have to understand this self.

If you don't understand your Self, how can you have faith in

How will you have direction in your life?

If you don't fully understand yourself, there are
hundreds...maybe thousands...of messages hammering you each
day from the people in your life. These messages
will define you instead unless you understand yourself.

You want to reach your destination rather than be tossed
about like a ship without a sail.

Start taking time to get to know yourself.

Learn to enjoy your life...

And...dare I say it...fall in love with yourself.

Then you will have the confidence that will carry you

So get to know your Self.

Abah kate : jadilah anak yg sayang akan dirinya..
Baik bah...

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