Wednesday, July 23, 2008

im crazy abOut photography!!!!

It's such a long time i didnt posting any news or story..haha..BZ and kinda 'malas'..bile dpt smangat balik..mula la writing.ngeh2..

This time i nak cter pasl one of my new hOBby...tadaaaa...i can called it 'candidsyndrome'..ceh cam nah dgr je term nih..hahhaha

i love photography~..lalalaallala.haaiizz..layan..terima kasih yg advanced kpd JPA kerana menaja kamera.ngeh2.

and not forgotten..the specialized crews in mission to bring my camera fly to Deutschland.haha..LOL.pnjg tul kisah camera nih..
Thanks in advanced to LUKU a.k.a Bobo=Luqman Hakim Khazalle=Uncle(take care of my tripod. any claim,later.tunggu aku balik mesia..ekekkeke) and Ecah!
sayang ah korang..nnt banje eskim heh..

haha..plan at hook, dont have any marker to jot down some 'welcoming quote'.
.no choice,gune highlighter..layaann..saje nak bg surprise kat ecah..

Saat ketibaan ecah di Duesseldorf Flughafen...
ecah nak balik dah this August.bler nak lepak2 Essen???

LOL.i used JPA's scholar to grab this camera..hikhikhik...

Currently, i tgh memantapkan skil potograpi..ngeh2...bler dpt snap pic best.rase cam one of satisfaction lak..haiizz..layan..and for me, this is one of the way i share the expression and feeling.Sungguh indah ciptaan Allah.SubhanAllah!

Do enjoy some of my archives.Challowww....

p/s : actually just finish my 1st paper today..KuL or Kosten und Leistung Rechnung..hehe..a.k.a Cost and Performance Calculation..haiizz...dtg docland amik cost bisness lak..layan ..da requirement.nak wat cane labu..

So, sesaje..nak release..ngeh2..pfenin2..

Pink 'Waksegan'

Sunset at Rhein Ruhr River-Japanische Tag

UKM-UDE Dinner at Hanedan Restaurant Duisburg.The Professors and VC came visit us..hehhee..sronok..borak2 and taking pictures..rupe2 nye spoting2 prof2 nih..

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