Monday, February 18, 2008


The pes day of ejem had visualized how bad is the management.humm...its depends.Not at all.
A week before exam we have to confirm our exam venue 'Klausurflaechen' by asked the department or some of the lecturer will send us an email to inform about the place.

The best thing here is when nearly to the exam, lecturer will make sumthing like an extra class or tutorial. We called it "Lernzentrum Bau". Within this 2 hours Lecturer will help us in finishing the question that given in this Lernzentrum. Hence, we can deeply understand this course and at the same time this can be the good preparation for the upcoming exam.

Supposedly, we start our first paper at 9am..Sigh,1 hour late..we stay in the exam hall..the environment was really differ.Student can stay in the Exam hall.there are no specific registration number or any else about the sitting.

5 minute after started, a fire alarm was rang.Got announcement. Fire2!..we have to stop and post poned our exam.huhuuuu..The first day of Exam in Germany..

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