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Trip to Paris

24 Dec 2007 (1st day)

We start our journey from Essen hbf to Koeln hbf (Cologne) at 7.15am.We took Sbahn to Langenfeld (end border of VRR area) then buy another ticket to Koeln Hbf (2.30€) because our ticket not valid in this district.

Sbahn refers to suburban metro railways and its more slower than Regional Bahn (RB). It takes about 45 minutes to Koeln Hbf.

Then we proceed our journey from Koeln hbf to Paris Nord Hbf(Gare Du Nord) by THALYS (we were lucky because got frenzy promotion, where we can go to Paris with 10€ only!!..if not, the normal price is about 90€ )

We were arrived at 3.45pm where its takes about 4 hours to Paris because train delayed

The Gare Du Nord ("north station") is one of the six large terminal stations in Paris.

It is the busiest station in Europe, and the third busiest railway station in the tempat neh.

Heating operation while waiting

Our accommodation was sponsored by Lani an Indonesian, 2nd degree friend that introduced by Arimbi, an Indonesian also. She studies Architecture in Paris. Lani, nice person and kindly help us in organizing our trip.

Eiffel at night

25 Disember 2004 (2nd day)

Our first destination, definitely..the most popular iron tower in the world, Eiffel Tower!.Weather was positive! Yeah it’s fabulous.

Eiffel in the mornin..

evidence..668 anak tangga kami panjat...

Snow walking at Eiffel-huu..siap ade snow kat atas Eiffel.

Top view From Eiffel

Looking above..

The most recognizable iron tower

Arc De Triompe (Kubu Kemenangan)

Take a Break at Champs Elysees-
The most glamorous and branded boutique located here.

LV,Planet Hollywood, MNG, Channel..etc..

Hard Rock Cafe Paris

Arc De Triomphe at nite

26 December 08 (3rd day)

La Geole in Versailles

Former of Louis XIV Castle

Capacious garden..

Wanna shop for Souvenir?..I recommend u,this is the must place to go..!!! Cheaper and variety!

Sacre - Coeur

Musee de Louvre-Biggest Museum in the world..Loser kalau x masuk..hihii

Inside the museum

Moulin Rouge-Red Light District in Paris-most famous cabaret

La Defense-major business district in Paris.

27 December 2008 (4th day)

Notre Dame

They believe that whose step on this plate will come back to Paris..hehehe

From Paris Nord to Beauvais (SNCF Train 1hr1min)

Gler Exhausted.not enaf sleep.!!!Waiting for flight from Paris Beauvais to Bremen,Germany.10 Euro (0.01 sen flight ticket+9.99euro for Airport tax..hahahha)

Go..go..ProcEed our Trip!!.hahaha..cant stand anymore..ble nak smpai..

Gud Bye Paris...huuu..

28 December 2008 (5th day)

We arrived at Bremen Airport around 10pm.Then went to Bremen Hbf (Main Station) and overnight there. Sleeping at railway station is not recommended. It’s dangerous and normally the guard will not allow any travelers to stay here because of the safety reason.

We have to be paranoid, otherwise regret if bad things happen.

We woke up around 6am, then taking breakfast and Sightseeing Trip in Bremen.

Having Breakfast-Waffer+Nusskati+Choco+Mocca..


Typical town hall of Deutschland

Bremen Town Musicians..-ekceli x paham pong pe bende menatang neh..wawawwa..simbolik

Mission accomplishd!!..then proceed our trip to Hamburg, the biggest port in Deutschland. We use ‘Schoenes Wochenende Ticket’ or Happy Weekend Ticket which is 27 € for 5 person. We arrived at Hamburg around 6 pm.

Hamburg..really differ compared with Bremen-shrinking city. Crowded of people..huhu..

Port of Hamburg

Landungsbruecken - sunset..

29 December 2008 (6th day)

One more location, the primary factor.huu..sejuk...then we have to change train.most of d time duk dlm train.salin bj+makan+tdo+mandi(cehh pdhal basoh muke jek..huuuuu)+solat.senang cter rumah kedua kami lah train nih.hahha....arrived kat Berlin early morning..Berlin is the most cool city in Germany..

Ulat2 yg sedang tdo.terpakse statik kerana Sejuk bangeettt...

in front of Berlin Hbf..grand..gler besa..seperti airport

Berlin HardRock-hardrock cafe yg plg susah nak carik!!!


Trabi..the command car in Germany

Pieces of Berlin Wall..

BrandenBurger Tor


Checkpoint Charlie-army disitu..tu..tu...yg pegang bendere tuh..charge 1 euro kpd sesiape yg nak amik gamba ngan dia..ceettt...meraih keuntungan!!

We were entering the American Sector.

Duration from Berlin to Essen(kampung kiteorg) approx. 8hrs 54min.5kali exchange train..huhu.Depart around 5pm and arrived at Essen Hbf at 2am..Gossshhh..Exhausted!! Great experience ever!!!.hahaha.we made it guys!!!..mission accomplished!..

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