Wednesday, February 27, 2008

exam ending celebration and Besday Kaa Chew

Last 25 Feb was our last examination.Ekceli we have to reseat dis paper bcos ade kebakaran.huh.sengal.Fire alarm yg munyik nih jgak menyebabkan soklan exam lebih susah..aargghh..tensen2.

Style exam kat cnih nak skor memang mimpi yg indah. Nak lulus tuh pun da payah.huhu..tertekan.
Ekcidently same plak ngan besday one of our fren,Goh Kaa we decided to makan2,ice skating n donut party hahaha..

at Barawane Schnell Imbiss Restaurant having 'doener' together

Kaa Chew (1st person from right) the big watak in this post..hehe
Zum Geburtstag Viel Glueck..lalalalala...~~~.Alles Gute!

get redy..wear the skating shuz..

ready to play..

that's me..over there..pic taken from da back..sigh..

with Victoria..she told us how to skating..haha.she's really nice.

at nite..preparing donut.

see..dun u tink its kiuuuttt..

its big enaf..n redy to standardized..haha..many sizes

AJK for 'goreng'..hihihi

nyum..nyumm..i like..anything about Choc..


enjoying donut

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