Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wuppertal, Nord Rhein Westphalia, Germany

Yesterday we went to Wuppertal, which is located in VRR (Verkehrsbund Rhein-Ruhr) and one of cities in Nord Rhein Westphalia, we can go there by free using our student card. One of the city's attraction is their 'suspended monorail' or its more familiar to call it 'Schwebebahn' in Deutsch.

'Schwebebahn' at Wuppertal,Germany is the oldest monorail technology in the world. The height of the tracks or railway is about 8m above the street. From my observation....emmm..this 'Schwebebahn' are build on the river or its easy to say that each of the station are connected by refer to the line of the river...futhermore, Wuppertal are located in valley area.

its Cable Car and they used as main public transport

Inside 'Schwebebahn'

its hanging and some of us scared,because its swinging when u step into it.

take a break. Eating Pizza.
This is what we call 'Steht Cafe' meaning stand cafe..yeah as u see..we standing while eating..
Cool..Deutsche style..hehehe got Graffiti. Don't shocked .They appreciate this art and not assumed as vandalism.


Anonymous said...

wahhhhhhhhhh,....neu imprvemnt..acceettt...

marny said...

ape yg neu nye jah..haizz..

da lame entry nih
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