Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Holiday

Trip to Prague, Czech Republic

before departure, at Braunschweig hbf Germany

inside the train coach-thank you to Uncle Frank for the free ticket.Hope to meet u at Malaysia.hehehe

Decin to hlavni nadrazi (Prague main station)

Lunch time-dumblings bread+fries

Better to shopping for souvenir at this place, the route to the Prague Castle, more cheaper instead in city.

Top view from Prague Castle

In front of Prague Castle

Huge castle.

Schawarzenbersky Palace

Charles Bridge

At Charles Bridge or Karluv Most

The tram-transportation in Prague
easy to follow the system because only have 3 Metro lines for the train..
but..huuuu...stink in the tram.

at Karlak Hostel..thumbs up!..clean,cheap and friendly staff

What a beautiful weather!...bright morning on the second day..laalalalala

The Dancing House

The most busiest street

One of the famous Prague's souvenir

Old Town Square

Astronomical Clock

Istanbul dish..hurrah!..
finally we found halal restaurant.

TV Tower with crawling MIMINKAs babies

I pinch the baby..uweekkk

The National Museum

Dino fossil from Argentina

Synagogues..The only Central European Jewish Town-Quarter that survived the holocaust.
errr..little bit fright when passing by this area.

Lamp lighting up the castle

They called it 'Small Eiffel'

Back to Germany!...hurrahhh...

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Anonymous said...

hi there..
i xtau whether u still remember me or x..
but i do remember u..
not only u but yg lain gak cam venothini, nasuha, yati kecik n many more..
been looking for u n da others..
long lost frens of sek ren bt. 10..
dh try nk add u kat FS tp xleh..
so kinda hoping dat u will add me up..marni masuan..
take care..

nway, my contact num..
Fairuzlita Razali