Sunday, March 9, 2008


This is what we called holidays in Germany..i think nothing much more than this we could do when holidays coming.Cinema days??..naaahhh..its bored.All in Deutsch..maybe we should try watching movie in cinema someday...

Hahaha..its all about getting worry, sure i will getting bigger after this holidays.Last weekend we baked 'Chicken pie' for our lunch after lack of idea.haha..humm..the same 'lauk' each time.So, we try something new.

It was my first time.Waaa..i think we can open a bakery shop when back to Malaysia.Not a bad trial..I betting u!..heee..enjoy this pictures!

Pei Tze give instruction..she is very expert in baking and cooking trying..

I made the filling..potatoes+chicken+curry+spices+onion..what do you think??..heee

the pastri..baked first before pour the filling

get ready to baked

tadaaaa...done!..Chicken Pie!

Two types..with topping and Without topping..hahaa..

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