Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Why I've to chasing you?
Why I've to sms you?
Keep calling you?
Why I've to telling you bout my day?
Bout the nice weather.
Bout the tears.
Bout what I feel.
Why I've to remind you to take care of yourself?

You demand an answer?
Yes.I do love you.Deeply.Inside my heart.
Dont you know that?
You are the one that I concern
That I care about.
Someone that really meant to me.
*ughh.please dont let me describe u more.this post gonna be long.

Last but not least
Dont you know how much it hurt when you acting like nothing happen
between us?
When you keep silent?*silent treatment?Oh please.i rather to speaks with my ugly teddy than face this sucks treatment.
When u didnt reply any of those SMS, emails and comment?
*oh thats really really hurt

You really have no idea how much I care bout you.
and apparently, I have no idea why i keep thinking bout you though
Love is blind? whatever~

I guess.'You're just not in me anymore'
Did you?
Please.I demand an answer.
what the hell of waiting* ughh.its like a torture

Somehow, these is the life though.
*psstt I was thinking that if I could be a girl who can leap through the time.laughing. So that I turn back to previous.take my word back.and..wohooo.life happily.and I know what to decide.hehe. come on.this is unfair.
Face it.
Through it.
Broken love affairs?..uuggh.I love it.U made me strong babe *flirt.Heck,what the chicken!

Life live to the fullest
*Kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana

Bye peeps.
Have a great day!


Siti Nasuha Hamzah said...

Huh sadis sungguh bunyi nyer...
But darling i think u diserve better den dis... so don be so sad ok...

marny said...

thanks babe

yes.i did.try to be as calm as i can.

umyra said...

hye lalink marny..
hehehehe..found u by bloghopping ;)

remember me? :P
take care dear..

well..just believe with HIS words. put hope n trust in HIM..inshAllah, everything will be fine *smile*

munie said...

i was once at ur place. i totaly noe how it felt. juz keep on moving marn! somewhere..these time..someone is looking out for u too! :D